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Reduce total cost of ownership with offsite backup

Consider the costs of your in-house data backup. For a complete backup solution, you need: Hardware Software Storage media Offsite vaulting Infrastructure upgrades Staff Some things to consider before buying a backup solution: The case for cloud As you can see, an in-house backup process can involve a lot of extra expenditures, capital expenditure, and […]

Data Loss – The most common data loss situations

Losing critical data is one of the most nightmarish situations that computer users can face. Whether the data in question contains important business or contact files, precious photos or sensitive personal information, losing crucial data can cause a significant amount of frustration and stress.   In order to prevent massive data loss in the case […]

Signs of a hard disk drive failure

Since hard drives are mechanical devices, they will all eventually fail. It is only a matter of when. When it happens, the degree of damage you experience is directly related to how prepared you were for it to begin with. Backing up your data is important. A study by Google in 2007 found that, based […]

Our New Website!

Its been a while coming but we’re delighted to have a new online home to showcase our work and services here on We hope you like it as much as we do. If you would like to comment on our website as it develops, you can leave your comments here