Basic Info

What is ReliableCloudBackup?

ReliableCloudBackup is a comprehensive Online Backup and Disaster Recovery Service.

Our system runs on Amazon computing cloud service (EC2) with backup data storage on Amazon cloud storage service (S3) for your online backup needs.

What kind of data can you backup using ReliableCloudBackup?

ReliableCloudBackup can backup files, applications, databases and disk images to the cloud server.

Your files on the source location are encrypted, compressed and backed up safely. You can simply restore your files, applications and your entire system in minutes at any time, any where by just logging into your customer portal.

How is it different from other cloud backup products?

ReliableCloudBackup provides SMB businesses of all sizes the ability to implement a robust data protection strategy in a cost-effective manner without requiring large upfront investment with pay-as-you-go pricing, access to unlimited storage capacity and near-zero maintenance, which makes it stand apart from other cloud services.

For a more detailed comparison with other key players, check out our comparison chart.

Can I test all the features in a free trial?

You will be automatically signed up for a 30-day fully functional trial period. Yes, you are allowed to test all the features available in it. If you need extra storage for testing do not hesitate to contact our support team.



Can I backup locally to an external device?

Yes, ReliableCloudBackup offers local disk backup without any cost. It allows backup to local disk, external hard disk or network mapped drive.
Additionally, you have the option to keep a copy locally and another copy in your cloud server.

How can I automatically backup my data or my entire computer?

Automatic schedules are available in client which lets your backups run automatically in background without any manual intervention.

What is the maximum amount of data I can store in my account?

You can store any amount of data in your Cloud server.

How long are my backup files retained?

You can retain data based on the number of versions or on the age of the version files for as long as you decide.
All files in any account which is discontinued due to either billing issues or voluntary cancellation on the customer’s behalf will be deleted from our backup servers.

Are my backed up data files private?

Yes. Upon installing the ReliableCloudBackup application, you will be required to enter an encryption key. This key is ONLY known by you. Without this encryption key, your data is not retrievable by you, anyone else or even ReliableCloudBackup.

What happens in the middle of a backup session with a lost connection?

The ReliableCloudBackup application automatically resumes the backup exactly from where it left off once the connectivity to the backup server is established.

Can I backup an entire Operating System?

Yes, disk image backup allows you to back up entire disks or specific volumes.

You can restore to the physical PC using the boot CD provided


You can chose to restore a virtual machine (P2V) using either VHD format or VMDK.

How can I backup a huge data set over the Internet?

If you have a lot of data (i.e. 250GB+), it would take a considerable amount of time to perform the first full backup over the internet.
You can use the Seed Loading Utility to backup to local hard disk we provide. You return the disk to us and we load it directly to the backup servers.

This could save you days (even weeks) of performing your first full backup. Subsequent online backups are incremental (only new or updated files will be uploaded to the server), the amount of data transfer should be relatively small.

How long will an online backup take?

The initial backup always takes the longest, and can vary from hours to days, depending on the volume of data being backed up.
After the first full backup, our software monitors changes on the hard drive and only backs up only those parts that have been modified since the last off site data backup, often taking as little as 3 minutes.


Billing/Account Maintenance

Can I change my account information?

Yes, you can change your account information like ‘Contact Email’ and ‘Password’ from ‘My Account’ option from your account portal. Or if you prefer, contact out support team.

What if I want to cancel my account?

In order to cancel your service please contact us. You will be charged up until the end of that billing period. Any storage credits remaining will be refunded by cheque.

How does your service work if I have multiple PCs to backup?

This is not a problem. Install the ReliableCloudBackup application on as many machines as you want. The only limit is how much storage credit you have purchased.


Installing the Client Agent

Which operating systems are compatible with ReliableCloudBackup


Desktop OS : Windows® 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000

Server OS : Windows Server 2012/2008/2003/2000, Windows SBS 2011/2008/2003 & Windows EBS 2008




Mac OS X 10.5.x(Leopard), 10.6.x (Snow Leopard) and 10.7 (Lion) for Intel PCs

What is the difference between the Flex based client and the webconsole based client?

Adobe Flex based is a simple and easy to use rich client interface specially designed for desktop users. Flex based clients have prime focus on files and folder backup and restore.

The web console based client is mainly available for server administrators. The web based client interface offers all the plugin backup and restore features including disk image backup, BMR, vmware backup, mysql backups, SQL server backups etc)



What if I only have a “dialup” internet connection available?

We are sorry, but we cannot support operation over a dial-up internet connection. The connection speed is simply too slow to accommodate the typically large files which would be backed up online.

Does ReliableCloudBackup have access to all of my data?

No. Nobody but you can gain any access to your data. It is encrypted to military/banking standards using a password of your choosing.

Your data is compressed and encrypted before it leaves your system and ONLY have the password.

Remember, don’t lose it. Without it – neither ReliableCloudBackup nor anybody else can recover your data.



ReliableCloudBackup uses a ‘pay as you go’ pricing model.

The price per GB per month is based on the upfront payment you make – that is how much per GB-Month Storage (Storage Credit) you are wish to pre-purchase.

The amount you pay upfront (or pre-purchased Storage Credits) is held in credit in your account and your monthly bill amount based on the backup data size is debited every month. Once you exhaust the amount held in credit, you will either be asked to purchase more storage credits.


Registration/Sign Up

How do I get started?

Please refer the link to know more: Steps to get started

Why haven’t I received my account confirmation email yet?

The initial account set-up will be done next-business-day after you sign up. We will email you with the details you need to download and install the software.
Please check spam/junk folders in respective e-mail ID for the confirmation email as sometimes it may delivered in those folders.

What if I forgot my account password?

Please contact our support team for a password reset.