Data Loss – The most common data loss situations

damaged-diskLosing critical data is one of the most nightmarish situations that computer users can face. Whether the data in question contains important business or contact files, precious photos or sensitive personal information, losing crucial data can cause a significant amount of frustration and stress.


Damaged Hard Drives

Hard disk failure can happen any time due to bad power supply, virus attack, damaged block and sectors, corrupted operating system files, your computer getting bumped or jostled while it is running.

Damaged Storage Media

It is common for people to back their data up onto CD, DVD or tape.
Unfortunately, these media are prone to physical damage by poor storage or heat as well as human error.

There is a significant failure rate on magnetic media and yet people largely don’t realize it because they just assume the data that is stored on their tapes is safe and sound.

Accidentally Deleted Data

Unfortunately, it happens more often than you might think.

Corrupted Data

Hardware and software failure are the two main causes for Data loss.
Background radiation, power outages, and ageing or wear of the storage device fall into the former category, while software failure typically occurs due to errors in software.

Criminal activity

Simple cases of burglary or vandalism are all to common. Threats such as hacking, sabotage, virus and disaffected employees are rarer but all present challenges to keeping data safe and secure.


Unexpected events such as building fire, flood or landslide can destroy both the data and and backups held onsite.

In order to prevent massive data loss in the case of data loss, install a program that creates a disk image quickly and easily. Use this backup system at least weekly or more often if you’re a heavy or business computer user.